Police and Policing – monitoring crime

Police and Policing - Ian Johnston
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Independent candidate for Police and Crime Commissioner in Gwent and featured in this video has won the vote for the PCC post.  Ian Johnston an independent told YNUKtv the position should be non-political.

The other candidate in the video who stood for Cambridgeshire lost the vote.  There was a poor turnout on 15 November 2012 to vote.  It was for a PCC for 41 areas in England (excluding London) and Wales.  It is the first ever election with the winners taking up office 22 November.

There were many from the opposition parties who considered the idea to be a waste of time and the money could be better spent.  But it seems the public in some areas believed it was worthwhile to have Police and Crime Commissioner.  There were some who liked the idea that there was someone who would monitor the Police and their actions toward the public.  If the procedure was carried out effectively the initial expenditure would not be lost and would help in paying for costs created by the new post.  The PCC post would be attached to the police force of the region

The Government describes the change as a significant democratic reform of policing.  TV ad Home Office video.