Kate’s Topless Photos Row – Duchess Cambridge wins damages

Kate's Topless Photos - in the wind

In the row over Kate’s Topless Photos a French Judge has ruled the photos were an invasion of privacy.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were awarded 100,000 euros (£92,000) in damages after a French magazine printed topless pictures of Catherine.

A criminal trial opened in the Paris suburb of Nanterre 2 May 2017. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge had demanded £1.3m damages from those responsible for taking and selling topless photos of Kate.

The pictures of the duchess, taken during a private holiday in France, were published by Closer in September 2012.  They appeared without approval.

Celeb magazine, Closer, claimed the pics showed the couple in a positive light.  They were good

Kate’s Topless Photos

The Royal couple found themselves caught up in legal action they thought would never happen. The two were on a private holiday in France and guests in a private property. Perfectly fine. But a photographer found the location and set himself up so he could get some perfect shots of Kate.

Public in the UK were supportive of the Duchess and her legal claim. Her privacy had been violated.

Many in the UK condemned the publication of the topless pics. We spoke to some and got their reaction on the issue