Local TV for Brighton – broadcasting to the community

Local TV for Brighton
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Local TV for Brighton

In September,  The Latest TV in Brighton and Hove was one of the first to be given a licence and expects to be broadcasting to the community by spring next year. Preparations for the channel are well under way with keen interest from local businesses looking for air-time to advertise their products.  Live music is expected to be prominent in the output of the broadcaster as well as local news for the community.  The lively cultural scene in the area is expected to be given regular programmes.  Producers are already pitching ideas that would impress the community.

It has taken some time for Local TV to get off the ground.  The Coalition government kick-started the initiative and asked for applications across the nation.  At the time Jeremy Hunt was Head of Culture and it was his brief to promote the idea to local community and businesses.

YNUKtv was in Brighton for reaction to the news of winning the broadcast licence.