Packed Paralympic Games – success at every corner

Packed Paralympic Games
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It was a packed Paralympic Games. The crowds poured into the Olympic Park on a daily basis. There was a lot to see and a lot to do and they were not in a hurry to leave to get home.

Paralympics 2012 in the UK have been described as a huge success. Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt said the country was ‘blazing a trail’. Because of massive public interest in the Games.

Packed Paralympic Games

They were a major international multi-sport event.  The Paralympics were one of the largest multi-sport events ever held in the United Kingdom after the Summer Olympics and were the largest Paralympics ever: 4,302 athletes from 164 National Paralympic Committees participated with fourteen countries appearing in the Paralympics for the first time ever.

Organizers were right when they expected the Games to be the first Paralympics to achieve mass-market appeal fuelled by continued enthusiasm from the British public following the country’s successful performance at the summer olympics


While Great Britain is third on the medals table there have been medals won and medals lost,  Tears have been shed and tempers flared but, not to worry,  the public have loved the thrills and spills of the events at the Olympic Park.  YNUKtv spoke to spectators who were there for the great sporting experience