Paralympics 2012 Opening Ceremony

Paralympics Opening Ceremony - scene


The London 2012 Games are over.  The Paralympics had a fiery ending matching the magnificent opening show.  It was an astounding performance by all of those who took part.  The eyes of the world returned to London to watch the amazing ceremony in the Olympic Stadium. The Stadium was packed with joyous spectators who thoroughly enjoyed the whole evening.  The success of the Olympics was still floating in the air as they watch the amazing closing entertainment.


It was estimated that millions of people across the globe switched on their television sets to catch the closing and last scenes from the Olympic Park.  While it was a momentous occasion many felt sadness at the the big sporting event coming to a close.  Team GB was proud of its athletes and the medals that were won


Award-winning film director Stephen Daldry of Billy Elliot fame was head of the team behind the massive production.  He had gathered together a huge team of technical and performance artists from around the country.  They would spend hour rehearsing to help perfect the closing scenes

Called “Enlightenment” it kept its promise of spectacular, stunning and emotional performances by the cast of thousands of volunteers. video footage LOCOG


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