Olympic Womens Diving – fantastic teams

Olympic Womens Diving team Australia
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In the Olympic Womens Diving, China won a gold medal in the 10m platform event on Thursday, August 9. Australia won the silver and Malaysia the bronze.

But the crowd was ecstatic and filled the venue to the rafters. The mood was jubilant and even though Britain failed to make the finals everyone was happy to applaud those who were doing well.

It was fascinating to watch the competitors who were nervous but extremely skilled in their sport.  The diving boards and pool looked splendid and perfect for such a talented event.  It happened in the evening and the weather was warm and bright.  The atmosphere in the Park was electric.

Outside the venues were Bars, restaurants, cafes, games for children, dancing, discos just about all forms of entertainment for the publis who has seen some of the best sport and just wanted to relax and soak up the atmosphere of a winning Olympics.

Back to the diving.  The action lasted for several hours with fans enjoying the strong competition between China, Australia and Malaysia.  the three countries were excellent in their performances but at the end of the day China won gold

TeamGB of the Olympic Womens Diving did not make the finals. was at the preliminaries.