SKYFALL James Bond 007 – Extra

SKYFALL James Bond 007 a much anticipated film. It has  won the Outstanding British Film at the BAFTA Awards in London.  The film has already been rated as the biggest British movie hit of 2012.

Success expected

It is expected to be highly successful at the box office with the film executives predicting that takings will far exceed all expectations as the nation prepares to see the movie.  Daniel Craig has already won acclaim for his previous 007 roles and it is speculated this new performance is going to be even greater.  This video shows some of the exciting action and thrills of the new James Bond 007 film.

Royal performance

But there was a stunning performance by Daniel Craig before the film opened.  He had paid a visit to Buckingham Palace where he played an acting role with Her Majesty and London 2012.  Following that hugely successful performance with the Queen at the Palace and Olympics Opening Ceremony, Daniel Craig is back and talks about the breathtaking and gruelling scenes he was involved with in the 007 role. Also, Judi Dench gives her take on M!   Director, Sam Mendes.

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