Games Heats Up London – London 2012 Olympics

Games Clock Trafalgar popular spot
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The Games are not likely to be affected by the wet weather.

Despite the rain it’s getting hot in London as the capital prepares to welcome millions of visitors for the London 2012 Olympic Games. An amazing buzz was spreading across the large city as the opening date for the Games was getting closer.

Trafalgar Square Hub

Managed by the Greater London Authority, Trafalgar Square is a landmark in central London enjoyed by Londoners and all visitors alike. Home to Nelson’s Column, the square is rich in history and provides a platform for new artistic performances and events.  Trafalgar Square was also used in July 2005 as the venue for the IOC announcement from Singapore when London was announced as host city to stage the 2012 Olympic Games.   It is a lively place often used for a wide range of activities including: special events and celebrations like the Royal Wedding, Olympics One Year to Go, St Patrick’s Day and Chinese New Year; filming and photography; and rallies and demonstrations.

London 2012

Events and entertainment are being planned for those pouring into London for the biggest sporting event ever.  One of the most popular spots was Trafalgar Square.  Fans would gather to take a look at what was on display promoting the Games.

Then the Trafalgar Square official Olympic clock is where YNUKtv found enthusiastic fans.