Peepshow Artist Vera Turns to Photography

Peepshow - proud of what she does
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A journalist with a passion for photography turns to working as a peepshow artist. Vera Rodriquez took up lap-dancing to fund her ambition to be a full-time photographer.

She arrived in London from Spain some years ago but the economic crisis left her struggling to find a job.

She studied photography and got a BA from London University.  Vera then picked up her camera and toured red-light districts and peepshow haunts in Europe.  This was where she knew she could earn a lot of money as well as continue her ambition to be a photographer. She ended up in Belgium where she got the inspiration for her photo exhibition in Kentish Town North London.

Vera was helped with the project by the English Collective of Prostitutes who organised it for her.  All her hard work as a peepshow artist resulted in a successful show but there’s no plan to end her work in Soho.  She also loves the life of working in the ‘red light district’ and is certain of staying employed.

The sex worker kept busy

YNUKtv guest journalist Brian Hayes talked to her about her ‘revealing’ career