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In the past 10 years more than 1,000 pubs closed in London.

A new report by the Greater London Assembly found that 1,300 pubs shut down including 400 that have been demolished.  Astonishing figures.  Now there are calls for serious measures to be taken to stop the decline.

In April 2012 a promotion to save community pubs was organised by CAMRA, (Campaign for Real Ale). Their latest figures revealed that 16 public houses closed across UK every week. The closures have affected small villages across the country.

A shame if allowed to continue.  Communities across country made efforts to stop the shutdown.  A tradition carried out in various parts of the UK.  No doubt many enjoy a good drink

Despite austerity local venues are keeping busy and offering activities as well as the country’s best beer to their local ustomers.  The Angel in Uxbridge is one of them. checked it out.  More at


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