Longest Photo Record? – Guinness Book of Records

Clare has a photo mission
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Longest Photo Record?

Award winning designer and photographer Clare Newton made the Guinness Book of Records by taking the longest pic ever!

She achieved this by travelling around London asking locals, members of the public and entertainers to jump for a shoot.

The community were on her side and willing to ‘perform’ for her camera.  A school in East London was among the first to allow kids to join in the fun.  It was amazing to watch them jumping as high as they could for Clare and the camera

She would take her camera to many popular locations to capture the images she needed for the big picture. When it came to compiling the big pic it turned out to be a very difficult decision.  But it was a challenge and one that Clare was determined to win despite the hurdles that came across her path – in particular bad weather.

But rain or shine it was important to gather her images.

This was when she began the longest photo mission back in 2012 and ahead of the Olympic Games.

Clare has made history so congratulate her and to see more of her work:  visit   Sound track ‘Why” by lovescandal