Brighton Bids for Local TV – Latest.TV won licence

Brighton local TV in your home soon

A Brighton based TV broadcaster has won its bid for a local TV licence to broadcast directly to the community.  The Latest.TV was among 57  to apply for the initiative.

Government expects to have 19 up-and-running across the UK within the next two years.

Audience of half a million

Local TV will offer programmes dedicated to the area of Brighton and Hove with an estimated audience of 500,000 across its region.  As part of its bid, the Latest.TV pledged there will be live performances in their daily output using highly talented musicians and artists.  It also has a strong and active art scene.

Local news 

News and current affairs in the region will also be key programmes for local TV with a dedicated news team.  Meet the team from the Latest.TV as it prepares to hit TV screens in homes of its local population. More at: