Education Chaos for Students – cuts affecting fees

Education students on the march

The cost of Education has been described as being out of control. That’s according to thousands of students who marched through London in another attempt to tell the government their rising costs of universities and further education were outrageous.


Earlier this year a crowd of about 200 students walked out of their university classrooms and protested against the cuts and high fees.  It was part of a nationwide campaign.  They believe the current proposals by the government are causing chaos in the system.

While the students were angry with the cost of learning they were also having an enjoyable time while they rallied on the streets of central London.

David Cameron

Organisers were expecting more to show up for the protest but those who took part filled the streets with chants and songs that opposed the education cuts.  Many of the banners they carried were calling on David Cameron to be removed from Downing Street.  They were against the changes to education costs made by the government

Other groups of student protests were held in other parts of the country but it is understood that the turn-out was disappointing in most locations where the demonstrations were due to be held