Welfare Bill Chain Reaction – demo heart of Oxford St

Welfare Bill Chain Reaction

Welfare Bill Chain Reaction – MPs have taken action against the changes to the Welfare Reform Bill made by the House of Lords. They overturned the recent amendments made by Peers.

There were demonstrations against the Welfare Bill. They included a large crowd of disabled protesters. They chained their wheelchairs across London’s main shopping centre in the West End. Supported by UK Uncut they brought traffic to a standstill at Oxford Circus.

Police moved in at one stage to allow traffic to get through because of huge hold ups tailing back for miles.  The protesters feel unjustly treated and don’t deserve to be part of the welfare cuts planned by the government.  They believe their human rights are being abused if they lose valuable funds. The money helps them have a decent standard of living.

The demonstration started in Holborn. But then the crowd made its way to the middle of Oxford Circus.  It was chaos when they arrived. They shouted and protested. The aim to capture attention of the public so that they could hear why they were out on the streets demonstrating.

ynuk.tv was with the protesters from the beginning and was with them when they ended up in chains at Oxford Circus


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