Year of Olympic Games – a great 2012!

Olympic Games Jonathan Edwards Triple Jump

Year of Olympic Games.  London 2012 is the country’s hottest topic.

Costs are high but Government says it won’t host ‘austerity’ Olympics.  Many events to promote the greatest are beginning to happen as the nation realises the time is near and it was time to enjoy.

One occasion was in John Lewis at Westfield in Stratford.  It has a glass screened balcony and there some of Britain’s great athletes were presented to the media.  they all spoke of medals and the chances UK will have to win gold, silver or bronze. Among the great athletes to talk to the press was Kelly Sotherton, Heptathlon, Lawrence Okoye discus.  With them was Jonathan Edwards an ambassador for the Olympic Games.

They were full of enthusiasm for the big sporting event and expressed how confident they were of winning medals.  They also talked about the venues in the Park and described them as some of the best they have ever seen in their sporting careers. While they recognised a lot of people’s tax money had been invested in the Olympics they were certain the funds would be well spent and profits made.

Many of the UK’s athletes were deeply involved in preparations for their events. A great number were confident of medals but uncertain about gold

Some told YNUKtv tough times won’t stop the excitement.