Pensions Power Less Protest – action important

Pensions - cuts affect Health Workers

Cuts in Pensions are mainly behind a day of strike action by Public Sector Workers in the UK .  Thousands took to the streets in central London and across the nation as the industrial action closed 67% of schools in the country. Workers were angry. They were also prepared to take further action if the government did not reconsider the decision to make cuts

It also led to hospitals having to delay operations and postpone appointments. But airports, where immigration staff walked out, were largely unaffected.

Immigration officials took over duties of the workers who had left their posts to make sure there wouldn’t be a back-log of passengers wanting to get through customs.

The protest is against planned government cuts affecting pensions.  Government said it is necessary to make reductions to help boost the country’s economy. Ever since the downturn many in the country have struggled to survive financially as well as a number of government departments.

Chancellor stated it was essential to set-up efficient budgets especially in the public sector to help turn around a poor economy.  However the workers said they were ready to take further action if officials did not re-consider the decision they have made to cut pensions.

Even though there was strike action officials said they were able to continue administration work without affecting essential services.

We met protesters who believed it was important to take action. If not they would see their retirement earnings dwindle in value.