People Meet Occupy Bank of Ideas – eventually evicted

Occupy in UBS Building

Occupy supporters have been forcibly removed from the Bank of Ideas. UBS Bank won a repossession order for the building 26 Jan 2012.

In November protesters took over the building, which had been empty for some years, as part of the Occupy London Stock Exchange and other occupy protests worldwide.

They believed it was a waste of space and could be better put to service by running a bank for the people.  Occupy was also wanting to send a message about how the money men in the powers of finance had caused or contributed to the economic melt-down.

There was a regular stream of supporters visiting the Bank of Ideas intent on making the idea work.  But officials from UBS got heavy and wanted them out.  But the activists stressed that the bank had been left it empty and was wasting space that could be put to better use.  They installed various kinds of equipment to help provide a banking services.  They also held meetings about how to run the financial service. went to see how the operation was going.  There was easy access to the premises with people entering and leaving and supporting the idea of a Bank of Ideas for the people.  Catch the video