Positive Note in Music Library Drama – saved has new Yorkshire location

Music and Plays manuscripts threatened
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Music library is saved.  The UK’s biggest collection of Music manuscripts held at a library in Wakefield has found a new home after a threat of closure. The collection is to go to Huddersfield where it will be housed in the local library there.

This is their story

The Yorkshire Libraries and Information Music and Drama services (YLI), based in Wakefield, was given notice of closure in November.

This shocked the community not aware that such a closure was being planned.  Economic cuts by the Council behind the idea.  It was feared there would be nowhere to keep them or that the valuable content would be split up and spread around the country.

A campaign was launched to save the Library’s valuable content. It was led by Making Music an organisation that supports voluntary and amateur groups in the country.  Campaigners pursued every avenue they could to convince the local Authorities to plan carefully.  In the end an agreement was reached over the location for the music scripts

It seemed to have worked and it has been decided to keep it in the region just a short distance from where the original now stands.

Supporters were pleased with the result.  It took a lot of effort and was a struggle but it was sorted out in the end. The new home is successful.

ynuk.tv video responded to those campaigning to save the library. It was a great visit