Occupy Strengthens Clergy Topple – St Paul’s

St Paul's Defiant Occupy protesters

St Paul’s Cathedral had been surrounded by tents but the Occupy activists have been evicted from their tent city.

In early 2013, a High Court judge ruled they should go. At the beginning large crowds of protesters filled tents to participate in the occupation.

Health and Safety

The City of London decided on the action when occupiers refused to leave their tents outside St Paul’s Cathedral.  The Authority complained that they had become unclean and unhealthy causing a health and safety problem at the site.  But at the time the protesters claimed that they were staying there in clean conditions.


The anti-capitalist campaign has led to the loss of key Clergy from St Paul’s Cathedral.  A row broke out when protesters pitched tents outside the Cathedral after being barred from the London Stock Exchange October 15.  They had attempted to occupy the Stock Exchange after the collapse of the worldwide economic market.  They blamed the British Government for part of the financial losses that hurt nearly everyone’s pockets.


The occupy activist campaign continues to operate but on a smaller scale and at selected locations where they feel a protest voice is necessary.  Their voices carry on but their influence has been drained and the movement is not as strong anymore