Protest Occupy London Stock Exchange – St Paul’s Cathedral

Protest Occupy St Paul's Cathedral

Occupy London Stock Exchange marks its first protest anniversary outside St Paul’s Cathedral October 15.  The anti-capitalists movement set-up tents to join worldwide action against the global financial system.

Some 400 protesters spent the night outside St Paul’s Cathedral.  The Occupy Wall Street movement attracted many first-time protesters with many taking time off work so they could take part in the tent demonstration.  Others arranged their holiday breaks to be able to spend enough time protesting in the test.

A spokesman for the protesters said the demonstration was to “challenge the bankers and the financial institutions which recklessly gambled with the economy. This occupation and 20 other occupations all around the UK have been directly inspired by what’s happening across America and especially Wall Street,” he said.

YNUKtv spoke to some before the controversial row began.