Apps Big Business in Scotland – demands are high

Apps - New technology big deals

New Technology in making Apps is booming in Scotland. The Scottish Government is proud of the growth in the industry.


They say, science, technology and innovation are essential in increasing competitiveness.  It also improves Scotland’s economic performance in today’s knowledge-based economy.

It is believed they are key drivers of Scotland’s future economic success and quality of life.  Also an important part of developing robust, evidence based policy across all of the Government’s responsibilities.

And they are also fun, interesting and stimulating!


Silicon Glen is the nick name for the high tech sector of Scotland.  It is applied to the Central Belt triangle between Dundee, Inverclyde and Edinburgh. This includes Fife, Glasgow and Stirling; although electronics facilities outside this area may also be included in the term.

The term has been in use since the 1980s. It does not technically represent a glen as it covers a much wider area than just one valley.


A few years ago the creators of mobile phone applications Mobile began winning major global contracts with just three people in the business.

Based in Crieff near Gleneagles, the small company, headed by an Englishman Ross Tuffee, is designing Apps for several firms.  They include Merlin Entertainments Group, the second largest tourist destination in the world. went to visit this new operation.  The video catches  the team hard at work