Olympic Torchbearers Selection Starts – nominated

Olympic Torchbearer Nominee
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The selection process for Olympic Torchbearers has begun.  Among the hopefuls who want to carry the Flame is Edwina (Eddie) Brocklesby from London.

The torch relay for the Olympics lasts 70 days, with 66 evening celebrations. About 8,000 people will carry the torch a total distance of about 8,000 miles (12,800 km), starting from Lands End in Cornwall.  A wide range of people from the community carried the torch around the country, mostly sports men and women, military figures and other local heroes from towns and cities across the nation.

A number of celebrities also held the flame on its journey, including Dr Who star Matt Smith. Pop singer was thrilled to join the team of flame runners

So as thousands got ready for the massive event Olympic authorities were given advise on who should be chosen to run with the torch.  Not an easy task which is why they needed people in the community to make recommendations for the exciting job that would make their profile known across the UK

Eddie’s neighbour, Rosalind Smith, nominated her to carry the flame. She told YNUKtv why Eddie, in the 50+ category, is an ideal candidate. A lot of enthusiasm was a winning factor in Eddie’s profile.

This nomination is with LloydsTSB the National Partner for the London 2012 Olympic Torch Relay.