Forces Join Eid Cup In Sports Festival – Hackney marshes

Forces play in Eid Cup
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Members of the British Forces in a team selected to play in the Eid Cup at Hackney Marshes Centre.

Marathon runners

Personnel from the Army and Metropolitan police competed in the football Eid Cup match part of the Festival of Sports event.   Under the eye of the Olympic Stadium they joined Marathon runners, performers and musicians from the local area.

Olympic Park

Day built up into a joyous atmosphere especially because it was so close the Olympic Park.  The crowd who participated in other sport activities could also enjoy good food and games.  The competition spirit was bubbling as they ran, raced, jogged, played football, rugby and many other events throughout the day. activities were encouraged by Olympic officials to help build up an excitement for London 2012. It was not far off

It urns out the biggest event of the day was the marathon.  Runners from across the Capital showed up for the big run with many making it to the finish.  Without wanting to embarrass anyone there were a few athletes who didn’t make it – never mind there is always another year.

Hackney Marshes

Cocktail of fun was presented by One2Go and Hackney Marshes Centre. This video has been chosen to carry the logo of INSPIRED BY LONDON 2012