Local TV Brave Venture – up and running across country

ex BBC Chief and Local TV

Brave Venture

Local TV got a big kick-start when the Coalition came to power and Jeremy Hunt was given the appointment as the Culture Secretary.  He was a staunched supporter, encouraged the idea and addressed broadcasters and investors around the country to promote his plans.

The former head of BBC Greg Dyke attended a meeting at the Department’s HQ in London.  He believed Jeremy Hunt’s ideas for Local TV were a Brave vision.  He gave his reaction at the last of the Local TV summits organised by the DCMS.  The whole idea is to give communities across the country a choice of television that broadcasts content from their area which has been missing by the national networks.  also, it would encourage investment and help boost economy in local areas.  Many smaller businesses have long been complaining about the cost of TV advertising leaving them out in the cold when it comes to promote their product.


Regions should have their own television said Jeremy Hunt so that they can build growth and interest in the community.  He regarded the opportunity to watch events happening in the region as a positive move in broadcasting.

Greg Dyke told ynuk.tv local television was an opportunity for areas that were historically not well covered by BBC or ITV.