People Power Behind Local TV – bidding for licence

Local TV Stakeholders
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People Power Behind Local TV

Media Stakeholders, across the country are preparing to set-up Local TV.

In Sheffield, the Community Association and Sheffield City Council hosted a special forum where they discussed the government’s plan for the service.  A large crowd attended the meeting saying that it was a good way to air views and discuss the issues of Local TV.


Many said the initiative was exciting but there were many flaws.  Prospective bidders needed to be informed of the proper procedures required to run a TV service in the community.  While they had supporters and backers it was not clear how much would be available from the Government as a start-up fund.  There had been talks about money being put up front for starters in the TV industry.

The government was also confident that local businesses would jump at the chance to be able to have their products broadcast on Television an area normally out of reach because of the huge cost of national advertising.


The bidders were confident they would find backers for their channel.  In many cases discussions are well under way and pledges to invest money in the network had also been made talked to some of the media moguls who gave their views of the broadcast future