Community TV for Locals – Extra vision for regions

Community TV - time right for own TV network

Community TV for Locals is an extended view of the government’s presentation on television for the community. was there among the audience of local media experts.

The arrival of Community TV is expected to help create jobs and offer some sections of the community with a television service.   There have been complaints about pockets of the country left without TV altogether.


Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt has responsibility for television in the community across the UK.  He has big ambitions for Local TV.  There has been criticism of having TV aimed at just the community.  Some have said it wouldn’t offer good quality programmes like the main national channels do. They also fear it could become like American local TV that has been criticised by the public.

Local TV

Television analysts have said it is important to have a TV service that will offer local programmes and news from their area. Media groups are lining up to get licences and promise programmes of the highest quality.  Local TV will be up and running in the UK in 2014.

Licences have been issued to various parts of the country with still more to come, the government has said

Watch this video for an extended version of the event where Jeremy Hunt outlined his vision for Local TV.