Community TV The Future – nationwide initiative

bright future in community tv

The first group of bidders for Community TV were announced September 12 but there are more to come.

Up until now there have been complaints that television in Britain does not cater for various neighbourhoods. The National broadcasters, it was said, concentrated on the popular more successful programmes so that they can capture an audience.

Various regions in the country are eager to have their own TV output. They believe the local community deserve to have television that has content suitable for them and the area they live in.  Local businesses want to be able to advertise on Television at a cheaper rate than national broadcasters.

There doesn’t seem to be a shortage of bidders who want to head a TV channel but in some cases financial support has been difficult to find.

At a media summit in Newport, Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt, spoke of the huge influence Community TV will have on neighbourhoods.  He recommended that newspapers in the regions would be willing to participate in broadcasting and prepared to invest.

Jeremy Hunt spoke of a bright future for local TV and was confident profits would be forthcoming once on air.  He told the bidders it was an opportunity to make money.

He warned it would be a struggle to start with and believed that content would have to be of high quality to help build an audience.  Viewers were ready and waiting to switch on and connect with local TV


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