Marathon Leads Sports Festival – inspired by Olympic Games

Marathon sparks sports festival
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A marathon and a massive day of sport will recognise a year of One2Go to the Olympics and Paralympics.  One2Go teamed up with the new Hackney Marshes Centre on September 10 to mark the countdown.

The occasion was a major effort to organise but done with a great deal of enthusiasm. Thousands were expected and details needed to be sorted with areas marked out and tracks made for the athletes to follow.  Most of the events happen every year but on the occasion the London 2012 Olympic Games were not far off and done in the shadow of the stadium.

The preparation was a huge task for the organisers who were eager to get it right so that as many participant as possible could take part in the marathon of the year.  It was also a starter for a major festival on the same weekend.  While locals were running there were many from around the country.

Hackney Marshes is just a short distance from the Olympic Park and had its own design created especially for the massive sporting event

The challenges: Duathlon, 10k Relay Race, Kids Olympic Rings relay, The Cabbies’ Challenge and the ultimate event THE MARATHON.  One2Go is run by the charity Sporting Bunnies.