Brent Six Libraries Future – threatened with closure

Libraries Preston Road

The supreme court turned down permission to allow campaigners to appeal to save 6 libraries in the Council Borough of Brent.

Authorities were taken to court by campaign group Brent SOS Libraries when closures were announced. The group argued the Council failed to comply with statutory duties when planning cuts.

Brent Council announced plans to shut half of its libraries in April.  They said they had no choice but to close the premises because of budget cuts.  But campaigners have been determined to continue their battle and are currently seeking court action to over-rule the Local Authorities decision.

They also argued that communities are suffering because they no longer have access to facilities that helped them with library books, and community activities that kept locals occupied and connected.  Many who live in the area of the Brent 6 have ethnic backgrounds and found the local library a good way of meeting new people and mixing in with the rest of the community.

The reserved judgement was seen as a breakthrough in the challenge to stop libraries from being shut down.  Supporters of the campaign say they will not give up the fight to stop the libraries from being closed.  Among the backers are musicians Nick Cave, bands Depeche Mode, Pet Shop Boys and playwright Alan Bennett

No final decision has been made. Authorities have said the community can use the premises at Preston a few days a week. Language lessons, films and books are now on offer for them