Music Freedom Day – broadcasting ethnic music across the globe

Music freedom day

Music Freedom Day – A youth group involved in music from Birmingham hit the airwaves in a global broadcast to mark Music Freedom Day in March 2011.

It was organised by Freemuse who campaign against those who violate the right to freedom of expression for musicians.  One of them was the artist who sparked the Tunisian revolution with his song earlier this year and was jailed. travelled to Birmingham where we found the group of young performers well under-way with their broadcast. They were members of the community and were used to broadcasting but were a little nervous about the global broadcast.  The presenters were proud they were taking part in an event that could offer support for the oppressed musicians often attacked or tortured because of their so-called western lyrics or views.

The DJs were from many ethnic backgrounds in Birmingham and could relate to the problems of their ethnicity in neighbouring countries.  It is difficult to believe but the organisers say there are restrictions for many musicians in some countries and broadcasting on radio is a good outlet for their music.

There is no difficulty in accessing new music because many of the performers are expert at high technology and find it easy to record, download songs on the internet

They all had fun!

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