London Olympic Park – A view

Olympic Park Stadium

The Olympic Park has been visited by construction officials who want  to view the venue to check out how its developing.

They reported that the sites should finish well ahead of time for the 2012 Games. Officials said they are delighted with the progress and are confident athletes and public will enjoy the venue.

In a year from now the world’s sporting elite will descend on the UK  to compete for bronze, silver or gold medals. Events will take place in the Olympic Park and in various parts of Britain.  Tens of thousands spectators are expected to fill the Park. Plans are underway to provide a choice of eating and drinking facilities suitable for all tastes and nations.  While outlining their proposals Olympic officials say the aim is to concentrate on family entertainment as well as being able to attend sporting events.

The design of the sites have been chosen so that they can offer excellent sporting facilities as well as being comfortable and creative for athletes and the public to enjoy and perform in.  Pleasant and fresh gardening ideas are also being prepared to help create stylish atmosphere in the grounds

Here’s a look during the building stages of the area that will accommodate not only athletes but thousands from across the globe.

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