Waiting at Wimbledon – meet tent community as crowds increase each year

tent community Wimbledon

The Wimbledon tennis season has started and that means waiting and queueing to get in as each new season promises to be a great year.

At the 125th Championship year  in2011 massive crowds showed up to attend the two week tournament. The weather is perfect if not a little hot.  But there’s lots of Pimms, the tournaments favourite drink as well as strawberries and cream -essential diet when visiting the tennis.


Tens of thousands have already seen some of the World’s best tennis ever with daily queues forming well in advance to buy a ticket and catch a great match. For many the wait is worth it because of the holiday atmosphere it creates as well as getting to know who’s in front and behind you

It is well organised at the site where people can go and wait.  Many who arrive the night before have tents set-up to help make them more comfortable and not far away are food stands where you can buy your basic hamburger, hot dogs and fresh produce.


Each person has a ticket to help create an orderly but long line that will eventually get you into Wimbledon. For many it is early evening before they can get inside and watch a match or two.  However, mood is good as ynuk.tv joined the line



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