Ronald Reagan in Bronze – tribute

Ronald Reagan in bronze
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Ronald Reagan in Bronze

America’s Independence Day saw the unveiling of a statue of former US President Ronald Reagan in central  London.  It was given a prominent position and stands outside the American Embassy .

Guests invited to the ceremony including Baroness Margaret Thatcher but the former Prime Minister was unable to attend because of ill health.  Lady Thatcher famously described Mr Reagan as “the second most important man” in her life.  He also considered the former PM as a close friend as well as a political ally.

The 10-foot bronze statue was specially commissioned to “recognise Mr Reagan’s contribution to ending the Cold War”.

White House

Mr Reagan left the White House in January 1989, shortly before the collapse of communism.

Former US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice also spoke at the unveiling.  She said the fall of the Soviet Union should give encouragement to those seeking greater freedom today in the Middle East and north Africa.  She also praised the role of Reagan during is presidency

Visitors were impressed with the massive statue and spoke of their memories when the former Hollywood actor was President of the United States.



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