Dancing Not Mental – special event

Dancing not mental

There was a great event being held in Islington at its main shopping centre to draw attention to mental health and how best to achieve it.

Dance and music was among  the attractions and activities that help promote good mental health.  This was the message of summer 2010 from ‘Time to Get Moving’ a campaign across England by Mind and Rethink.

There was dancing and singing and many people telling their stories about how they conquered their problems.  The musical side of the event was extremely popular.  Many were impressed with the dancing and enjoy the different nations who took part in helping the cause.  The crowd at the shopping centre were overwhelmed with the performances of the singers and dancers.  It was a rare occasion for Islington to be able to offer such entertaining performers who were also able to send a message of health to the people.

It is understood that many people don’t recognise the symptons of mental problem and don’t realise there is help out there that can guide them through the difficult times.

Their efforts helped deliver ideas to the community so  that they can consider options to deal with mental health conditions among the people.  http://www.time-to-change.org.uk

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