Growth in Community Broadcasting and Art – cultural activities

broadcasting merges art and radio

Broadcasting was the topic of conversation in Preston in Lancashire where there was a hub of ideas and ambitions. Its aim to have more media activities in the community.

The combination of Radio, television and culture were winning subjects. Community Media Association and the Voluntary Arts Network set up the ‘road show’.


Their main discussion was focused on broadcasting especially because the government was preparing to launch local television across the nation.  It has been an initiative tried before but without success. This time the government feels confident and ready to back the advantages TV could offer the community.

Local TV

Many similar meetings have been held across the nation promoting the TV initiative.  Preston believes they have a great community spirit and want to encourage the association with any local television channel that may open in the region.

The Community Media Association talked of the future of television saying it was ideal for a variety of reasons.  Voluntary groups would like to use the outlet to help spread their message.  It could be done alongside radio broadcasts which already contribute to the service of voluntary work talked with some of the community involved in local broadcasting



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