Growth in Community Broadcasting and Art – cultural activities

broadcasting merges art and radio

Growth in community broadcasting. Broadcasting was the topic of conversation in Preston in Lancashire where there was a hub of ideas and ambitions. The aim to have more media activities in the community.

The combination of Radio, television and culture were winning subjects. Community Media Association and the Voluntary Arts Network set up the ‘road show’.


Their main discussion was focused on broadcasting. Especially because the government was preparing to launch local television across the nation.  It has been an initiative tried before but without success. This time the government feels confident and ready to back the advantages TV can offer the community.

Local TV

Many similar meetings have been held across the nation.  Preston believes they have a great community spirit.  The town wants to encourage the association with any local television channel that may open in the region.

The Community Media Association talked of the future of television.  It said it was ideal for a variety of reasons.  Voluntary groups would like to use the outlet to help spread their message.  It could be done alongside radio broadcasts which already contribute to the service of voluntary work talked with some of the community involved in local broadcasting

Are you a supporter of local TV and Radio?  Is it working in your area?  Are the broadcasters doing a good job?  Do you watch or listen to what’s happening in your area?

Let us know.  Drop by our comment box.  We would love to hear from you.  We understand local TV is not progressing very well.  Is this right?  If not make contact. Are you a couch potato when it comes to television? Will you watch anything that is broadcast? Or are you choosy? Should the content improve? How about radio.  Is it doing well?  There are more listeners than viewers of local broadcasts. Radio is proving more successful than TV.

Do you have both broadcast units going?  TV output in one corner and radio blasting in another.  They make good company don’t they?  Radio is very much like a friend.  Television is a little more remote.  Can’t get too close to the people talking to you.  But radio is intimate, fun and loud.  Lots of music and chat.  Also pick up the phone and talk to the presenter.


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