Political Olympics – London 2012

Political Olympics

It is claimed that the Olympics have a political view which is becoming a major issue with the neighbouring boroughs of London 2012.

Officials believe the community is being left out of the great Olympic Games and not being included when it comes to recruiting personnel.

The borough of Tower Hamlets is particularly concerned because they are not convinced that pledges made by the Olympic committee will be fulfilled.  Surrounding boroughs, Hackney and Newham are among the most deprived in Britain.

Local population was promised jobs and a starring role.Now it seems many may barely feel touched by the games. Rushanara Ali, Labour MP, wants the games to be an open celebration for the whole city – not just for those who can afford or are allocated tickets, but something that reaches out into communities and on to the streets

MP Ali asked how many local residents from the host boroughs had been employed at the Olympic site.  The response was out of the 6,000 onsite jobs created, only 201 were held by residents from Tower Hamlets and just 133 from Hackney.


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