Glasgow Latest Stop For Games Volunteers – London 2012

on the start line in Glasgow

Glasgow latest stop for Games volunteers – they will be part of the Games Makers who will help make Olympic Games successful

Glasgow is the latest city in the search for volunteers to work during the Olympic Games.  Overall, Scotland has over two thousand people eager to be games makers for London 2012.  Their role is to be on hand when spectators and athletes need support and guidance

There was excitement as the time drew near for officials to interview and decide who would be a volunteer.


There was not a shortage of people who wanted to be involved.  Olympic officials were pleased with the turnout and knew there would not be a problem with finding the right number of people for the great job.

The interview process started at the Glasgow Science Centre May 4. There are 70,000 Games-time roles to fill.  When the call went out for volunteers over 250,000 people applied.